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The Role-playing fantasy

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Short and Hotohori [25 May 2003|12:00pm]

Looking back into Kerri's eyes he wraps his arms around her. He kisses her softly with her lean and lets his hair fall down out of it's tie. He deepens the kiss as he holds her tight::
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[25 May 2003|11:37am]

*Kerri slowly falls toward the sand as she looks into hotohori's eyes again. She smiles lightly at hotohori's compliment. Slowly, she lays her head down on top of hotohoris chest as she looks at the stars. As the starlight hits her eyes they shimmer beautifully. She moves up toward hotohori's face and gently kisses his cheek then nibbles on his ear lightly. She climbs on top of him.. one leg on each side of his chest and leans down to kiss him.*
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[24 May 2003|10:18pm]

::Hotohori takes Kerri by both of her hands and pulls her softly to the sand. He just embraces her warmly and watches the moon over the shore. "It's a beautiful night..." He whispers, looking at her lovingly. "-and I'm here with an amazing girl that I just met...yet I feel somehow...Like I've known all my life..." He kisses her forehead lightly.::
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[24 May 2003|09:55pm]

*Kerri smiles shyly toward hotohori. She thinks to herself 'well, he \is\ handsome..but i barely know him..well it wont hurt, would it?' She starts to blush as she nods and says "alright" very quietly. She wasnt the type to just go along with people she barely knew.. but there was just something about his smile.. as if it put her in a trance. She puts her hand into his and follows him.. every step she was an inch or 2 behind him.. admiring his profile. She stares at his eyes as they walk and she smiles flatteringly.*
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[24 May 2003|10:03am]

::Hotohori sighs and gets up ignoring the pastry comment...He needed not remember the time he kidnapped Delia and she wrote 'cake' on one of his scrolls. ((Whatever he writes on them, come to life.))::
O.K now that everything is o.k, I'll be going.
::He offers his hand to Kerri.::
How about a long walk on the beach?
::He flashes a handsome smile as he whispers his last sentance almost seductivly.::

::Tessa rolls her eyes at his flirtyness. She starts walking toward the Black Dragon Inn.::
Ebony lets go.
::The little dragon flys off the unicorns back, and onto Tessa's shoulder.::
Ya know... remind me why we're meeting them again? Sapphire is just being his normal self again, it's no big deal!
::Ebony complains::
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[16 May 2003|06:15pm]

+ Mercutio appears at the door of the inn, casually striding in. He glances about, but seeing no one around, specifically Tessa, he grins with a laugh. +
Tessa Tessa Tessa...
+ He says to himself with a chuckle. +


+ Symphony sighs, quickly scooping up Ebony by thrusting her nose beneath the dragon's belly and letting her slide down the unicorn's neck onto her back. +
If I'm being dragged along, you are too.
+ She gives a horsey grin before trotting off after Alette. The mare stops abruptly, sending Ebony flying back onto her neck. +
What on earth...
+ She says telepathically. +


+ Alette, who had followed, rolls her eyes with a laugh. +
Oh c'mon guys...let's go!
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[16 May 2003|05:55pm]

::Tessa just cocks a brow.::
Mercutio! That is no way to use your talent as a dragon master! What if the town was sabatoged! Or worse-
::Tessa quickly lectures. She shakes her head.::
Mercutio just meet me at the black dragon inn. 30 minutes, I expect you to be there!
::Remaining telepathic.:

Ah! C'mon now Tess! Don't get your jiblets all in an uproar!
((Ebony states in a half Ausralion voice, partially cutting off the unicorn.))
Have a little bit of excitement in your powers, like say maybe...punish em like a woman!
((Ebony winks as she says this.))

::Tessa gives an irritated sigh.::
Mercutio! Just come!
::Tessa walks quickly away, cutting off the communication barrier. She beckons with her head for Alette to follow.::
Want to follow? We have to meet a very-
::She gets cut off as she gets tackled by a man who'd just jumped off of the boardwalk::

::Hotohori's *grace* had ended. As he jumped off the boardwalk Tessa had just walked under it. They both hit the ground with an omph::
Hey...watch where you're-
::He looks at the face as she pushes him off of her.::
Tessa? Tis a small world my friend!

::Tessa looks at him and grits her teeth.::
You think I actually give a shaaa...t... weather its a small world or not!
::She forcefully pushes him away trying to ignore her 'curse' Hotohori just laughs as she hears "Tessa you are delirious."::
bah! shut up...you egotisitical narcisstic son of-

((Hotohori just pushed a piece of his hair from his face.))
Is that anyway to talk to one far more superior on the ranks than you, my dear?

::Tessa rolls her eyes and gets off of the sand.::
At least I don't fight with pastries...
::She mumbles, inaudably. Spotting Kerri she just grunts and nods in a greeting.::

Ebony slowly tries to slip away.
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This is Ashley...not Mawy...lol [16 May 2003|05:33pm]

+ Mercutio slams his foot on Sapphire's hind paw, causing the dragon to scream. The blue dragon jumps away with a growl, Mercutio glaring. +
That's what you get for stepping on my-
If you hadn't of been yelling, I-
If Ihadn't been yelling?! If Ihadn't been yelling? You practically-
+ He stops, recieving Tessa's message. Placing a hand on his forehead, he steps aside with a disgusted sigh. Sapphire scowls and snorts loudly. He telepathically answers her, though still stuttering. Oh, I...ah, what I mean to say is...umm...see, Sapphire and I...we...we were...watching the unicorn races! Yeah! That's it...ah, yeah...Sapphire and I were a little bit into it...sorry about that. Hearing this, the dragon rolls his eyes, intruding into the conversation, Oh really? The- Mercutio jumps at Sapphire, cutting his voice off as he tackles the dragon. +


+ Alette blinks, looking towards Symphony skeptically. +
+ She turns to Tessa with a slight smile. +

+ The unicorn snorts, tossing her head and whining slightly. +
+ Briefly rolling her eyes, she steps foward. +
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[01 Jun 2003|06:45pm]

"ok...There!" Gracefully, jumping up onto the rail, quick as soon as hearing Tessa's name, he takes her hand and jumps off the rail as fast as he jumped on.

Tessa just grunts and rises. "Ebony! What in the world...?"

Ebony looked hurt. "Well that was uncalled for!" She says ourtoud to the *horse* ((haha...)) "Considering I didn't hear a hello from you either!" Her eyes turn glassy as she jumps down from her old friends head.

Tessa cocks a brow. 'Is she talking to herself?' She blinks.

Suddenly, another roar sounds again. Tessa looks around "I Know who that is now! Bless his heard I hope Mercutio is ok!" She closes her eyes and thinks. 'Mercutio...Please...if you can hear me please tell me what the matter is!' She sends him the telepathic message.
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[15 May 2003|06:28pm]

*kerri giggles childishly as she is dragged along by hotohori. at his sudden stop she lightly bangs into him but stops herself as soon as she could. She laughs again and blinks "umm.. i dunno where are we going?" she looks around and notices 2 people along the beach and some sort of horse.. she looks toward hotohori "would you like to go see who that.." she stops and notices its tessa she quickly screams "TESSA" from the boardwalk but it is apparent tessa hasnt heard her. "would you like to come with me hotohori?" she climbs onto the rail of the boardwalk and gets ready to jump off onto the sand.
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[10 May 2003|05:42pm]

+ Symphony snorts loudly, tossing her head as she moans telepathically in repsonse.+
-Oh no...it is you...-
+ The unicorn stops, peeking open one eye. +
-Can't you simply greet me the way others do? A simple hello would do fine.-
+ Though the unicorn expresses mock-exhasperation, she can't help a grin. Alette turns and watches the two with raised eyebrows. She speaks aloud. +
...am I missing something?
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[26 May 2003|09:32pm]

Hotohori smiles warmly back. "I suppose!" He jokes as he takes her by her hand and starts running. She is forced to follow. He suddnely stops and blinks. "uh...wait a minute where are we going?" He asks, his chocolate brown eyes glow with confusion.

Tessa looks up and stands. She had regained her breath. She stands up and dusts herself off. "I'm fine." She looks worried. They turn to see Ebony sniffin the unicorn...((lol this would be extremely cute))
Ebony telepathically communicates back. "Symphony?" She draws back and blinks. Her furry face turns gleefull. She pounces onto the top of her head. as she licks the side of the unicorns face gently.
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[08 May 2003|09:31pm]

+ Alette listens to the continuing roars, watching the rising tide with wide eyes. Suddenly, Symphony senses the presence of approaching others, and suddenly spurrs into a gallop. Just as the mare turns, Alette frowns. +
+ She nimbly leaps into the air, landing upon Symphony's back. The unicorn is well prepared and continues along the beach, moving inland away from the rising tides. She speaks to Alette telepathically. +
-Someone...two others, I believe...are near. Perhaps that is where we may find the cause- -
+ The unicorn's voice ceases suddenly, as does her pace; the mare plants her hooves solidly in the loose sand, eyes wide and wary as she eyes what stands before her. Alette, unprepared, lurches foward onto Symphony's neck though quickly catches her balance and settles. +
=Symphony! Why in the heavens...=
+ Alette's voice trails off as she sees before her a small black dragon racing along the beach. Yet Symphony had halted directly in the dragon's path, forcing a halt. A little ways beyond she sees a woman fallen breathlessly upon the shore. Alette means to dismount and help...yet...how long had it been since she had seen a dragon? This one seemed a slight bit small, but nevertheless it was indeed a dragon. Symphony's crystal horn shimmers, gaping breathlessly. As a unicorn, she has not yet the power of speech yet knows indeed that this dragon may receive her telepathic voice...+
-E-ebony?! It can't be...-
+ Though the unicorn has her doubts, she allows her voicing to be directed to the dragon anyway. Alette, not recieving this thought, proceeds to question Symphony aloud. +
Symphony...who...what in Tirrala's name...?!
+ The mistress sighs in exhasperation, though once again sees the woman upon the beach a short distance off and quickly dismounts and trots briskly to her side. She kneels, placing a gentle hand upon her shoulder. +
Are you alright?
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[08 May 2003|09:19pm]

Ebony speeds her pace way more than Tessa could keep up with. They ran and ran for what seems to have been miles until Tessa just finally dropped to the ground. Ebony ran ahead as Tessa screamed for her to come back in between breaths. Once more the ground shook as there was a huge noticable roar. The tide got higher and drenched the lower part of her body. She continued to try to catch her breath then got up and ran to find her dragon.
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[08 May 2003|08:17pm]

+ Symphony hears the sudden though distant roar clearly, snorting loudly as she rises upon her hindquarters into a rear. The unicorn neighs loudly in disturbance, Alette not stepping back but quickly taking a pace foward and placing her hand upon the unicorn's shoulder in a beckoning manner. +
+ The unicorn returns to the sandy beach floor, ears flicking in the general direction of where she had heard the sound, eyes wide. Alette's own eyes widen as she listens to the painful roar's echo, turning to the unicorn questioningly. She seems to be communicating with the unicorn, yet her lips do not so much as quiver. Telepathically, she speaks to her equine companion. +
=What on earth...=
+ Symphony shakes her head with a sigh, returning the thought silently. +
-I haven't a clue. Yet...it sounds nearly as if it was a dragon...-
+ The unicorn's eyes alight. +
-Could it be that dragons still exist upon the face of the earth? I haven't seen hide nor scale of one in so long...
+Alette curiously, warily glances about, briefly noting the few people still around the beack. +
=I...I don't know...=
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[08 May 2003|08:09pm]

Tessa walks along the beach with Ebony by her feet. All of a sudden she is taken A-back by a huge painful roar...She gasps. 'One of the dragons?' She asks herself. She looks to Ebony who shakes her head "I don't know Tessa..." She said as if she'd read her mistress' mind. Tessa immediatly starts to run. "Mercutio...I hope to the Goddess you're in your cave." She mumbles to herself, knowing where she was going.

Hotohori was about to open his mouth to speak as he hears the roar. He reaches to his sword again, but draws back once more. "I have GOT to stop doing that." He warns himself. He looks to Kerri. "What in the world do you think that could be?" He asks her as his hair falls out of the tie and onto his back, flowing as the wind took it. His glance changes to the creature that called itself Aruka.
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+ heyloooo! + [08 May 2003|07:37pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

+ A maiden of petite height holds a seat of expertise upon the bare back of a stunning black mare, the horse's paces carrying Alette swiftly along the beach's shore. She wears a thin light-blue beach-dress over her bathing suit. Symphony's hooves splash against the low tide, a smile of pure estcasy upon the maiden's beautiful face as the wind embraces her. She sighs, long black hair swept away from her face, aquamarine eyes at last revealed as she opens her eyes to watch the sun slip below the horizon. Alette tugs gently upon a lock of the dark horse's mane, and immediately she slows till the mare halts altogether. An escaping ray of sun dances across thier form, revealing this 'horse' to have a beautiful crystal horn upon her forehead. The unicorn bears no bridle nor saddle, yet seems to respond to Allete's every beckon. The maiden lithely dismounts, placing a gentle hand upon the unicorn's cheek as she gazes off into the distant sunset. +

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Hotohori [08 May 2003|09:54am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Startled Hotohori reaches for his sword but quickly draws his hand back to the railing. He turns to her giving a warm smile and a sigh of relief. "Ah, yes Kerri...how could I forget a wonderful voice." He nods in a greeting and then looks to the sunset again.

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[07 May 2003|10:00pm]

*kerri walks down the boardwalk and notices someone leaning over the railings. As she approaches she notices its hotohori. She smiles and blushes a little big as she joins him. She slowly looks toward his handsom face "hello... hotohori is it?" she smiles slighly trying not to let her red face show. she traces her finger along the rails nervously as she runs her fingers through her long hair*
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[07 May 2003|09:39pm]

::Tessa waves goodbye, picking up Ebony again. She turns around and walks off, still along the shore.::
::Hotohori stops an sighs. He leans his elbows on the wood railing of the boardwalk. He watches the rest of the sunset. His head perks up as he swears he sees a dolphin jumping in the far off distance. He smiles as he just looks ahead, admiring the scenery.::
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